Program Schedule:

Mon 2/9
8:00 am    Breakfast

8:15 am    Welcome from the Accelerator Network

8:30 am   Antony Williams – Hosting Public Domain Chemicals Data Online for the Community-the Challenges of Handling Materials

9:20 am    Paul Voyles – Opportunities At The Intersection of Data Science and Materials Characterization

10:10 am    Break

10:30 am    Simon Billinge – The Materials Complexity Frontier: Applied Math and Computational Challenges

11:20 am    Martha Grover – Optimization of Nanoparticle Deposition using Sequential Experimental Design

12:10 pm    John Schlueter – The Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) at the National Science Foundation (NSF):
Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF)

12:30 pm    Lunch

1:30 pm    Antole von von Lilienfeld – Efficient Methods for Sampling Materials Space from First Principles

2:20 pm    Carrelyn (Carrie) Campbell – The Materials Genome Initiative and the “Data Revolution”

3:10 pm    Break

3:30 pm    Bryce Meredig – Materials Data in the 21st Century: from Mishmash to Moneyball

4:20 pm    Brainstorming discussion on opportunities in materials informatics.

5:00 pm    Networking and poster session

7:00 pm    Dinner

Tues 2/10
8:00 am    Breakfast

8:30 am    Supratik Guha – Big Data Opportunities in Materials Science

9:20 am    Brian Puchala – The Materials Commons: A Novel Information Repository and Collaboration Platform for the Materials Community

10:10 am    Break

10:30 am    Surya Kalindini – How Can Data Science Enable Accelerated Development of Hierarchical Materials

11:10 am    Brainstorming discussion on opportunities in materials informatics.

11:50 am    Wrap up

12:00 noon   Lunch – informal with anyone interested