We are in a materials data revolution that is opening unprecedented opportunities for materials informatics.

Trends including high-throughput computation and experiment, massive increases in the scale of data generated in many experiments (e.g., tomographic methods), government mandated sharing of public data, transformative commitments to online accessible data (e.g., the Materials Project and the Materials Data Facility), and funding support such as the Materials Genome Initiative are creating a data explosion.

Now is the time to develop a cross-disciplinary community that integrates materials domain experts and data scientists from all fields, including computer science, statistics, mathematics, chemometrics, bioinformatics, and others, who can bring out the full value of the materials data that is and will soon be available.

The workshop goal is to grow this nascent materials informatics community by showcasing leading materials data and informatics activities as well as closely related efforts in other fields. We hope this meeting will be of interest to those practicing materials informatics as well as data scientists looking for new opportunities and materials scientists looking to engage in this developing field.

Workshop features include:

  • Talks by field pioneers
  • Dedicated time for discussion
  • Opportunities to share ideas through a joint brainstorming space, which will be shared through a post-workshop report.