Relevant Links

This section provides ready access to a variety of resources that are of most interest to the materials informatics community. If you’ve identified resources that would be helpful and aren’t listed, send us an e-mail to have them included.

Centers and Institutes

The Wisconsin Materials Institute
Featuring relevant articles in the materials science community, The Wisconsin Materials Institute is the gateway to collaborative, high-impact materials science development.

Georgia Tech Institute for Materials
Launched in June 2013, the Georgia Tech Institute for Materials represents a community of nearly 200 faculty conducting materials-related research and providing leadership in discovery and development of materials that address 21st century and challenges in areas such as energy, mobility, infrastructure, computing, communications, security, and health.

University of Michigan PRISMS Center
The goal of the PRISMS Center is to develop an integrated suite of validated computational tools that are designed to accelerate the development of new structural metals.

UW-Madison College of Engineering
The College of Engineering has a significant focus on advanced manufacturing research, materials discovery and sustainability.


Citrine Informatics

Conferences and Workshops

Building an Integrated MGI Accelerator Network Workshop
This workshop brought together 150 thought leaders and stakeholders from academia, industry and government across the USA to explore how distributed experimental, computational, and materials information infrastructure might be networked to most efficiently realize the MGI vision.

Information Science for Materials Discovery and Design


18760-0309303796-covers450The National Academies Press:
Big Data in Materials Research and Development: Summary of a Workshop (2014)