Abstracts & Posters

Thank you for submitting your abstract to the Opportunities in Materials Informatics workshop.

Poster abstracts are available here.

We ask all speakers and poster presenters to please provide an abstract body of up to 150 words (excluding title and author names). Please download the template below and send your abstract as an editable file to wmi@materials.wisc.edu. Please use a filename of the form LastName_FirstName_OMI_Abstract.doc(x).

Please submit your abstract by Jan. 23, 2015.



Poster Information

The posters should highlight work related to some aspect of materials or related informatics, e.g., data sources, informatics methods and tools, results from data mining, etc. Please feel free to include work that might suggest opportunities even if there are not yet results. We welcome you to contact any of the organizers if you are not sure about a topic.

Poster boards are 4? (48?) high x 6? (72?) wide so please limit your poster size to 46? high x 70? wide. Smaller posters are welcome but we recommend at least 36″ high x 48″ wide for easy viewing.